Alone, Allein, Alien

ALONE, ALLEIN, ALIEN: SOLO workshop is specifically designed for solo performance artists, dancers, actors and improvisers who enter the stage alone. Those people craft the nothing-ness into expressions of now, yes and this is. You will learn to take all of your noticing — sensations, thoughts, trembles — directly into your work, how to shake hands with doubt and ride the wild waves of transformations. There is no abstract; there is only multiple meanings. There is no “stuck,” there is only “not listening.” Your partners are your body, mind and the room, its resonance and time. You will learn to dissect the mental chatter that breaks your concentration and make clear choices about how and when to profit from it. We will spread a great deal of our time performing for each other and learn to give constructive criticism and conversation to our work.

You will learn how to:
• shift action dynamics to create contrast
• re-translate actions into movement, voice and/or language
• get the best space use
• when to stop/start movement, change body level, shape & facing
• bring material back for reuse
• encourage your mind to relax and let worlds reappear