Motion Theater

Now! Festival 2016


Nina Wise • Motion Theater

07 -08  May 2016 • Saturday & Sunday • 1230-1800 • 120/100*€
Now! Festival Special Price • 290€ for all workshops & shows


An original form of autobiographical improvisation, Motion Theater® is simultaneously performance art and a refreshingly authentic spiritual practice.

Our stories live in our bodies, in our cells, so we move from the inside out, giving voice and form to our personal characters and realities. We unwind, we engage in gentle and vigorous movement, we vocalize, we tell stories. Expect to surprise yourself, to become more playful and at ease before an audience, to enhance your use of language, and to gain greater insight and appreciation of your stories, your life, yourself and others.


In this Motion Theater class you will:
• Warm up and free up your body and voice
• Move in response to your inner impulses
• Play theater games that open you up and generate creativity and well-being
• Hone your writing and storytelling skills
• Embody your personal narrative
• Engage in uplifting adult play


Motion Theater practices are designed to raise your spirits, inspire personal insight, deepen intimacy, create community, expand awareness, enhance  self-confidence and develop presence and craft as a leader or performer.

Teaching Language: English (Deutsch übersetzung möglich)



*Early Bird Discount: 100€ if paid in full by 21 April