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Wild in Tandem

WILD IN TANDEM is an Action Theater based improvisation partnering workshop that uses sound, movement and language to examine and detail three primary components of relationship: 1) communication, 2) physical space, 3) feeling states. You will work specifically on what constitutes connection between partners in improvisation and how action (physical and mental) affects relationship. You will experiment with making and breaking eye contact; how location demands spatial response; physical contact; and tactics to help you remember you are working with a partner.
HALF of the training will be spent practicing forms that build your awareness in performance; the other half we will perform for each other, and receive guidance and critical feedback. In discussions, we will address whether or not the performers felt “alive” during the performance, how and when they felt connected to their partners, and what can be done to improve each performer’s presence. Our emphasis will be on how to make your partner’s work work.
PARTICIPANTS are expected to have strong performance training, be willing to challenge themselves, and be committed to shaking hands with the unknown. Wear loose clothing and be prepared to move and shout.