The Core of Expression — 2 Day

2 Day w/ Satu Palokangas
ACTION THEATER™ is a map towards increasing one’s awareness and meeting the incredible variety of personal phenomena. Working solo and in groups, participants are lead through improvisation exercises. The exercises are simple, playful and challenging. These exercises develop your capacity to stay in the present moment and fine-tune your perception. They awaken feelings, thoughts, and memories; draw out your imagination, intuition and encourage creative expression. The exercises renew your ability to play and gain new personal insights.


Through the LABAN & SOMATICS WORK you will explore how movement influences our perceptions and your abilities to act in the world. Studying the subtle articulations that stem from the core body, the spine and the pelvic floor most specifically, you will learn to refine your body instrument and gain further awareness of the interrelations between your body and the mind. The focus of this work is to notice more deeply the choices you are already making at the bodily level and how those habits are reflected in your thoughts and actions. Learning to shed light to these places you begin to sense more options, and your ability to respond creatively rather than out of habit to the world around you, will increase many fold.


COMBINING ACTION THEATER™ WITH LABAN Movement Analysis, you will shine further awareness into your inner worlds, enabling a more spontaneous and conscious expression. In creating specific limitations on areas of action and response, this workshop allows you to open to the unknown, breaking free of fear and embracing the unfamiliar.


DURING THIS TRAINING, students will work alone and with others in physical & vocal exercises. These explorations quiet the conceptual mind and hone awareness. Other exercises strengthen and expand skills of performance: movement, voice, composition, listening and relationship.  Students increase their ability to hold and express emotion, enliven imagination, and recover lost personal material. Every exercise enlightens the relationship between intention, awareness and action as well as engaging the heart and mind.


THE WORKSHOP is suitable for everyone interested in body-based improvisation who wishes to enhance and refine their expressive imagination and develop vocal, verbal and physical performance skills; dancers, actors, dance/movement therapists, teachers, etc.