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Action Theater™ Online

During this last year and a half of the pandemic, I offered classes online via Zoom. People from all over the world joined in — Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Australia, Spain, Israel, Greece, USA, Canada, New Zealand — all of them seeking some connection with others via the common language of Action Theater.  It’s not the same as practicing with others in the same room; it offers a distanced learning and a different kind of intimacy.

We thought this pandemic would be over, but it’s still on-going. The need to connect with others and our practice is still there. In these weeks online, we will reconnect and invigorate our practice, dust off the old and investigate the new. We will work in solo and with partners in Break Out rooms. You require a stable internet connection, Zoom downloaded on your computer, a working camera, microphone and speakers. You need to have a basic understanding of Action Theater™ terminology — shift, develop, transform; notice, experience, respond; eyes, timing, pause, etc.— and be able to give and take in an honest critique practice.

Action Theater™ Fundamentals

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