Sten Rudstrom


Parkstrasse 15 A

13086 Berlin


Tel: +49 (0)30 6959 8848

Mobile: +49 (0)160 106 2309


DOB 14 May 1960




1992        M.F.A Creative Writing/Poetry

The Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO, USA
1989      M.F.A Fine Art/Performance

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, USA
1982        B.S. Chemistry/Mathematics

University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN, USA


1990 – present

Action Theater Senior Teacher, over 20 years of study with Ruth Zaporah annual 10 day training, 6 month long intensive trainings, 3 month training, 5 month training, weekly instruction, California, New Mexico


Trainings & Workshops:

Contemporary Dance & Theater: Julyen Hamilton, Kirstie Simson, Stefanie Maher, Jerome Bel, Felix Ruckert, Jess Curtis, Yuko Kaseki, Minako Seki, Anna Halprin, Nita Little, Nancy Stark-Smith

Roy Hart Voice Work:Rossignol, David Goldsworthy, Carol Mendelson, Saule Ryan;

Viewpoints: Ilka Metzner;

Alexander Technique: Babette Markus

Somatics, Body-Mind Centering® & Laban/Bartenieff: Satu Palokangas

Meditation & Contemplative Arts: meditation workshops Shambhala, daily Vipassana practice; yoga training with Beate Cuson, Detlev Alexander




The Discipline of Improvisationone year training in the embodied practice of improvisation

This 360 hr training consists of two month-long intensives, six 1-hour ensemble performances, seven workshops in specific aspects of physical improvisation, ten hours of personal coaching, a required meditation practice and concludes with a 30-minute solo performance.


The Core of Expression — one week workshop of embodied improvisation practice using Laban/Bartenieff, Alexander Technique, alignment work, and experiental anatomy, developed with Satu Palokangas, CLMA, CSMT/E


Annual August Improvisation Intensive — four week improvisation training based on the model pioneered by Ruth Zaporah, combining contemplative awareness work with improvisation practice


Annual February Performance Tactics Training — two week improvisation and directing training employing daily meditation and writing practice


Dancing in the Brain: Improvisation & Habit — experimental training method bridging improvisation/somatics/Action Theater and neurological research in conjunction with the Champlimaud Center for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal (in development)


Other teaching:


2010 – present, Annual Guest Faculty

RITS, School for Audio-Visual and Performing Arts

Erasmus Hogeschool, Brussels, Belgium


2010 – present, Annual Guest Faculty

Danscentrumjette, Brussels, Belgium


2010 – present, Annual Guest Faculty

HMDK, Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt, Germany


2008 – present, Guest Faculty

MIME Centrum, Berlin, Germany


2012 Independent Dance, London, England, UK


2011 Lonely in the Rain Dance Festival, Joensuu, Finland


2011 Noore Tantsu Festival, Viljandi, Estonia


2011 Chorescence – Association for Contemporary Dance, Grenoble, France


2008/2009 TEAK, Theater Academy, Helsinki, Finland

MA Dance & Theater Pedagogy


2009 to present Action Theater™ 2 Week Performance Intensive, Berlin, Germany


2008 Ponderosa Dance Festival, Stolzenhagen, Germany


2007 – 2010 Annual Guest Faculty

Dartington College of the Arts, Totnes, England, UK


2007 TanzFabrik, Berlin, Germany


2006 Escapade Improvisation Festival, London, England, UK


2004 to present annual Action Theater™ Month long Intensive, Berlin, Germany


numerous workshops in cities across Europe and USA


Selected Artistic Work



Improvisation # 195: Sparrows — solo improvisation, Freiform Frankfurt Improvisation Festival, Frankfurt, Germany


Duets w/Andrew Morrish, Sten Rudstrom & Peter Trotman, ImproExchange, Berlin, Germany



Improvisation # 169: Ship of Headless Souls — solo improvisation, ImproExchange, Berlin, Germany



Improvisation #168: Crushed Flowers — solo improvisation, Danscentrumjette, Brussels, Belgium



Improvisation #167: The Little One — solo, evening length improvisation, Joensuu City Theater, Joensuu, Finland

Improvisation # 164: There’s A Package — solo, evening length improvisation, Danscentrumjette, Brussels, Belgium

White Walls & Electricity #3 — director, improvisation ensemble performance, TanzFabrik, Berlin, Germany



Marathon of Empty Bowls —ensemble evening length improvisation performance, Railroad Performance, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Improvisation #63: Sheila is blind — solo, evening length improvisation, TanzWerk, Bremen, Germany

The Duets Project -Episode # 2:Improvisations from the South Stream, w/ Owen Walker — a multidisciplinary improvisation performance series working with a variety of improvisers from the contemporary improvisation world, Temescal Arts, Oakland, CA

White Walls & Electricity #2 — director, improvisation ensemble performance, TanzFabrik, Berlin, Germany

EAT: Busted Leg —evening length ensemble improvisation, TanzFabrik, Berlin, Germany



The Duets Project—Episode # 1: w / Andrew Morrish, TanzFabrik, Berlin, Germany

White Walls & Electricity — Instructor/Director, 8-week physical theatre improvisation project with TEAK Masters students, 5 performances, Theater Academy of Helsinki (TEAK), Helsinki, Finland

EAT: I’ve Never Been So Popular —evening length ensemble improvisation, TEAK, Helsinki, Finland

Darkness at Halfmast— duet improvisation w/Andrew Morrish, Ponderosa Dance Festival, Stolzenhagen, Germany

EAT: Grass grows deep —evening length ensemble improvisation, Notafe Dance Festival, Viljandi, Estonia



c(H)ord — performer/writer/collaborator in physical theater dance work by Shinichi Iova-Koga, inkBoat, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA



Ich Herz Berlin — evening length duet on the Americanization of Germany, with Stephanie Maher, TanzFabrik, Berlin, Germany, Eisfabrik Theater, Hannover, Germany



Springtime(#43) — Number 43 in a series of solo improvisations starting in the year 2000, involving movement, text and voice, Shift Festival of Improvisation, Coventry, UK



The Crossing — Director of large scale, outdoor site-specific group dance/theatre improvisation with 50+ performers, Carleton College of Arts, Northfield, MN

Ensemble Project — Director of an physical theatre improvisation ensemble pilot project involving performers from England, Hungary & Germany, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, UK

Moment to Moment — Director/performer, an annual ensemble improvisation project involving an international group of dancers & actors, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin



Vergiss Nicht Mimi — Assistant Director, dance/theatre production, 6 member ensemble, based on the novel Die Krokodile by António Lobo Antunes , Theater Zerbrochene Fenster, Berlin



Way to the Hidden Garden — performer, site-specific outdoor Butoh dance/theatre performance in sculpture park, Sapporo Art Park, Sapporo, Japan



Onion — Performer/Co-Developer, physical theater dance work, Yerba Buena Center for Arts, San Francisco, CA, USA

Park Bank Series — series of improvisation duets with Sabine von der Tann, various outdoor locations in Berlin



Theater of Cruelty — director/performer, ensemble dance theatre piece based on the writings and life of Antonin Artaud, Theater Artaud, San Francisco, CA, USA



Other Collaborations


InkBoat, Physical Theater & Dance, company member, collaborator in award winning productions,

Action Theater, The Improvisation of Presence, Ruth Zaporah, North Atlantic Press, copy and line editor

EAT, European Action Theater Ensemble, founder, 5 member international improvisation ensemble; Kate Hilder, Sabine von der Tann, Peter Krempelsetzer, Andres Noormets

Streugut, founding member of Berlin-based improvisation group w/Heide Moldenhauer, Ingo Reulecke, Zufit Simon, Alexander Frangenheim, Martin Clausen

Adapt, founding member of site-specific dance/theater company with Shinichi Momo Koga, Minako Seki, Nils Willers, Yael Karavan and Yuko Kaseki



Digital Works (currently in the process of redesign)