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I currently work with two improvisation ensembles: EAT and Streugut. EAT, the European Action Theater Ensemble, I founded because I wanted to get together with improvisers/teachers of the Action Theater practice and are willing to practice ensemble work. We all have similar connections to the practice but incorporate our own interests into our teaching.

Streugut, is a mix of two dancers, one musician, an actor and myself. We all come from different trainings and backgrounds yet are able to listen to each other’s actions and support them.

The difference between solo and ensemble work is what my attention focuses on. In an ensemble, there are a lot more actions to be aware of. I have less time to pay attention to my own critical mind. Also, the space use becomes the responsibility of the whole group, not just the solo performer.

I could, also, say that there is no difference between solo and ensemble improvisation. In both practices, I have to stay open and willing to change. If I cling to my agendas, I will isolate myself.