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NOW! Festival 2018

NOW! Festival 2018
Action Theater™ & Improvisation
2-6 May 2018
Berlin, DE

Sten Rudstrøm, Ta(l)king Your Head Off!
Silvia Sauer, Sound Exploration
Seke Chimtungwende, Ensemble Improvisation
Kate Hilder, Coming To Your Senses
Trinidad Martinez, Real Movement
Yuko Kaseki, Intensity & Reduction
Kelbert, The Comet & Its Tail
Rahel Comtesse, Spontaneous Singing
Sandrine Hudl, Viewpoints
Ingo Reulecke, Realtime Composition
Markus Hoft, Playful Physics in Duet
Shinichi Iova-Koga, Imagined Space & The Quotodian Body
Peter Krempelsetzer, Team Play
Jaya Härtlein, Poetry & Improvisation
Rebecca Mackenzie, Acting Abnormal