Body As Resource

Starting from the principle of discovering a “neutral” posture in the body, you will learn to transfer sensations and details of the body experience into vibrant, wild expression.


First you gain the skills of how to sense and establish a “neutral” posture. This discovery, in itself, maybe alarming and set you off center. You may want to return to you old posture, the one you have held your whole life up until now. You may want to believe that a “neutral” body posture is too much. You learn to see how much story, how much of your inner world is broadcast unconsciously by how you hold yourself upright.


Second, you start to sense the articulate, tiny details of the body experience that arrive through simple subtle adjustments of the body, moving between “neutral” and your old posture — the feeling states, the moods, emotions, thoughts that get triggered by this simple action.


Third, you enter into a series of exercises that help center your attention on the body experience and immediately put those sensations in distinguished expression. You begin to see how to prioritize those sensations as your resource — the actual experience of the body — so that your racing mind is no longer to boss.


This new sensation (and it is truly “sensational”) can be enlightening or alarming