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Opening the Jaws of the Language Animal

This improvisation workshop explores how the mind and body combine to create language. Using Action Theater™, a body-oriented theater improvisation process, this workshop provides tools for sourcing words and language from body experience instead of the thinking mind. Words are torn apart, grammar dissolved, as we experience the experiencing of language as it is being spoken. We relish words in the mouth and tissues and spur the imagination with freshly discovered sensations. Diving into the flesh of language, moving our tongues from the depth of our bones, this training provides a pathway to spontaneous and conscious linguistic expression, develops the capacity to stay in the present moment, fine-tunes perceptions and integrates body and mind.

Action Theater practice unleashes new forms of expression from the physical body and feelings contained within. From the imbalanced, ecstatic world of the unnamable, the work connects inner and outer awareness, expands actors/dancers/performers’ physicality and helps to inhabit physical forms with humanity. Working solo and with partners, Action Theater develops a better understanding of ensemble architecture, the use of space and composition. Specific limitations on areas of action and response are created so that students open to the unknown, break free of fear and embrace the unfamiliar.

This workshop is especially designed for experienced actors/dancers/ performers who are willing to extend their capabilities of play and imagination through the use of voice and language.