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Fooling Time — Performance Tactics

FOOLING TIME — PERFORMANCE TACTICS is a 9 day intensive instant composition ensemble performance workshop.


You learn how to compose, support & enhance your partners’ work, as well as, add punch to the ensemble choreography. How and when to enter the performance space will be articulated; how to generate the most impact spatially — where to stop moving, when to change body level, shape & facing — whether to shift frames or not; copying, bulking & shadowing will be distinguished.


Additional to improvisation, there will be directing and composition notes. You will learn to contribute to the on-going liveliness of each improvisation, as well as performance notes and coaching.  Essential tools for clarity & commitment on stage and sharp performances.


The 2019 workshop runs Saturday – Sunday 16- 24 Feb, 10-17:00, and concludes with 2 public performances.


Experienced improvisers only. If interested, please a letter of motivation and CV to info@stenrudstrom.com


For more information about the upcoming training, click here.