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The Poetry of Improvisation

Language is a body experience. Words are not purely mental constructs but actual visceral experiences. Once you discover this your improvisations change. You are no longer limited by what you think you should say or believe should be said.  The physical sensation of each word,  vowel  and consonant on the tongue, teeth, in the mouth and breath leads the improvisation. Awareness of these sensations become the driving force for the words.  Thought and imagination are assistants on the path of language, not the directors.

Specifically, you will how to:
• use rhythm as the driver for text production
• allow association(s) to add quirky, exciting details
• zoom in and zoom out from an image as a tool for expanding story
• use not knowing what to say as an opportunity
• pause so imagination instead of obligation fills the space
• listen to the traffic at the crossroads of alliteration,  internal rhyme and mood

Come join this discovery! Play with your body, mouth and mind! Bring notebooks and pens, comfortable clothing so you can freely move about.