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Action Theater™ Fundamentals • Be Here Now!

To improvise well, you need to find a balance between inner and outer awareness. Your thoughts, feelings, attitudes; how you sense your moving body; the textures of voice and words in the mouth, are all part of the cosmology of the present moment. Your mind and body work together in this process, neither one more dominant than the other. In Action Theater Fundamentals, you will gain the skills to notice and play with this balance and craft the who/what you are into surprising, magnificent moments.

Action Theater is an improvisational body-based physical theater and awareness training process used for the discovery of new forms of expression. Employing the physical body as the resource for new material, the training helps performers expand their physical forms and inhabit those forms with humanity. Action is broken down into shifts, transformations and/or maintaining frames. Exercises specifically limit areas of action and response so that performers open to the unknown, break free of fear and embrace the unfamiliar. Through the practice of working solo and with partners, performers develop a better understanding of ensemble architecture, the use of space and composition. Action Theater includes sound/vocal work, language and movement.

Please wear lose, comfortable clothing and be prepared to move and use your voice.