August Month-Long

Summer Improvisation Intensive
6-31 August 2018 • Berlin, Germany

In this 20-day training, you will work 4-5 hours a day, five days a week, for four weeks, developing the practice of improvisation and performance. You will work with movement , voice and language scores as well as combinations. The work is physical, stemming from the body experience. The training helps you expand your physical forms and inhabit those forms with humanity. You learn to free the feelings from inside your body and express them in artistic ways. Exercises help establish the balance between inner and outer awareness. They specifically limit areas of action and response so that you open to the unknown, break free of fear and embrace the unfamiliar. The work will include an articulate examination of how we change our mental, physical and emotional actions: shift, transform and maintain. Each day will include 3-hour practice sessions and 30 – 60 minutes of performing with personalized critique and direction as to how to improve one’s performance skills. The course concludes with a public performance.

Action Theater™ is an improvisational body-based training process. Its focus is on becoming aware of your body experience while simultaneously tracking your mental process. Through the practice of working solo and with partners, you develop a better understanding of composition, the use of space and ensemble architecture. Action Theater™ includes vocal work, language and movement.

The training includes weekly dinners for socializing as well as outings, outdoor practice (weather dependent) and an evening boat cruise on the waterways of Berlin.
06 – 31 August 2018 w/ closing performance 01 September
Monday – Friday • 10-16

MIME Centrum
Studio 2
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Kreuzberg Berlin

925€/825€* if paid in full by 30 June 18

600€ for 2 weeks
By special request you may register for only 2 weeks of the 4 week training. First time August Intensive students may register for the first 2 weeks (06 -17.08.18) or the entire month. If you sign up for the first 2 weeks, then choose to continue your 2 weeks payment will be credited towards the full month fee. If you have taken the August Intensive before, then you may register for the first 2 weeks, or the second 2 weeks. 06 – 17 or 20 – 31.08. This offer is limited to space availability.

Registration & Information
Tel: 160 106 2309